Art of Beauty - Packaging & Collateral Design

A sampling of the print design work I did while employed by Art of Beauty. Qtica Smart Spa, Remove +, Smartclub, Zoya, and promotions.

Client: Art of Beauty - Zoya, Qtica, Qtica Smart Spa
Art Director: Erin Giddings
Design: Jayson Shenk

At Art of Beauty I performed multiple functions as designer, production artist and product photographer.

My main responsibility as a designer was for their Qtica Smart Spa brand of manicure/pedicure products. I was the photographer for Zoya Nail Polish (see my product photo gallery) and the production artist for the Qtica (Qtica black) line of skincare products.

Other projects I worked on were the total redesign of the web site UI and site architecture and the branding and identity developments of new products.

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